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Source Of Phosphatidylserine
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Soybean is one of the most important food crops in China. Domesticated from Glycine soja Sieb. Et Zucc., there are about 1000 known cultivars.


Soybean contains about 20% fat, about 40% protein, also contains rich vitamins, rich nutrition, in addition to for direct consumption, can be used for soy sauce, soy sauce and a variety of bean food; Stem, leaf, soybean meal and coarse soybean meal as fertilizer and excellent livestock feed. The processed tissue protein, protein concentrate, protein isolate and fibrin of soybean meal can be used for a variety of foods, such as artificial meat, casein, monosodium glutamate and the raw materials of papermaking, plastic industry, artificial fiber, gunpowder, etc. Soybean oil is not only mainly used for food, but also for lubricating oil, paint, soap, porcelain glaze, artificial rubber, preservative and other important raw materials. Many important products, such as phospholipid used in food industry and stigmasterol and sitosterol used as cheap sterol hormone raw materials for medicine industry, can be obtained from the residue of oil extraction. There are more than 500 industrial uses for soybeans. In addition, there are medicinal nourishing heart, dispelling wind mingmu, clearing heat li shui, huoxue detoxification.


Phosphatidylserine extracted from natural soybean oil residue. It is the active substance of cell membrane, especially in brain cells. Its function is mainly to improve the function of nerve cells, regulate the conduction of nerve impulses, and improve the memory function of the brain. Because of its strong lipophilic properties, it can quickly enter the brain through the blood-brain barrier after absorption, and play a role in relieving vascular smooth muscle cells and increasing blood supply to the brain.


Phosphatidylserine (PS) is regarded as a new "intelligent nutrient" after choline and "brain gold" DHA. Experts believe the natural substance helps keep cell walls flexible and increases the efficiency of neurotransmitters that carry signals to the brain, helping the brain function more efficiently and triggering a state of activation.

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